About Us

Nova Code Collective was formed with a mission to help young people learn how to solve problems with code.

When youth see a need in their community, how could they use technology to solve it?

And then, what skills will they need to do that?

We want to reach the kids that normally aren’t introduced to coding in school, or who’ve never found an interest in it, or thought it wasn’t something for them. Because coding isn’t just for middle-class, suburban, able-bodied, cis-gendered, white boys! It’s for everyone. If you can read and write, you can code!


Nova Code Collective was formed by a group of volunteers from another non-profit that dissolved. We collectively decided to form a new nonprofit with an updated mission & vision, expanded target demographic, and a focus on transparency and accountability.

Check out the members of Our Team here.



We target our curriculum to children ages 12-15 (middle grades), since research has shown this is the time when children are most likely to become disengaged or discouraged from careers in STEM.

But we also have opportunities for older teens as well! Some already know how to code and just want to find others like them. Some are interested in mentoring and teaching others! That’s why Nova Code Collective offers mentorship opportunities for older teenagers to help teach our curriculum, while also learning from experienced technology professionals in their local area.


Nova Code Collective isn’t just for kids, we’re much more than that! We have created a community of folks (young and old) who love to share their love of technology with others. We also need people who are strong educators that can help us build engaging curriculum and teach classroom skills to our technology professionals. We have many opportunities for adults to teach, mentor, and coach our young people, or you can join our leadership team to help support our organization.



We are currently working on some online tutorials to teach beginning mobile app development with a focus on problem-solving and STEM concepts. We have a partner who will be publishing our curriculum online — stay tuned for that announcement coming soon!


We initially planned on focusing on in-person events with our launch in Portland in April 2020. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to rethink our strategy!

Once it is safe to hold public events again, will be hosting a variety of learning opportunities for youth to engage with working technology professionals in their own communities.